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We are the fastest growing home to applications taking over the education, productivity and entertainment markets. With our app, life is fun, easy and constructive in a variety of ways.

We offer apps from fun dart clicking to educatinal tour apps for businesses hosting tours around the world. Our products take over the big three industry of applications: Education, Productivity and Entertainment. Tecshala brings products to the market which only make peoples' lives healthier health and constructive wise. With a large category of apps and a wide variety of uses, Tecshala will make the world a better place ... one app a time.

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Make an app for your tour!

Citirovr allows tour companies to make their tours accessible as an app. The customizable features let them get an app with different ways to entertain the user while teaching them about the city.

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Mallrovr - Coming Soon

Make an app for people to get around your mall!

Mallrovr lets malls create guides for people to access through an app. The app will give people information about trends, sales, and the best things to do in a mall.

Huntrovr - Coming Soon

Make a treasure hunt for any place in the world.

Huntrovr gives anyone the ability to make a game of treasure hunt through a mobile app. This is a fun and entertaining way to let people find the treasure alone or through multiplayer game play.


Talking makes everything better!

Contact us to find out more about one of the apps and learn how you can get your own app. Mallrovr and Huntrovr are coming soon!

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